She who pwns people with history

On September 2nd, in 44 B.C. Cleopatra VII named her then three year old son by Caesar the King of Egypt and her co ruler.

After Caesar’s murder on the infamous “Ides of March”, the Egyptian Royal Family had fled from Rome for their safety and returned home to Alexandria. Cleopatra’s half brother/husband, Ptolemy XIV, died sometime after July 26, 44 BC, which is the date of the last known inscription that mentions him being alive. It is often thought, though un-proven, that Cleopatra had the young Ptolemy killed so she could replace him on the throne with her son.

The new King was officially known as Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar, though he most often went by the nickname of Caesarion. Because of his young age at the time, he was King in name only and his mother kept all real authority to herself.