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Happy Birthday today to Maria Theresa of Naples and Sicily. She was born on June 6th, 1772, the eldest of 17 children born to her parents, Maria Carolina and Ferdinand I. Named after her grandmother, she was considered to be her mother’s favourite child.

She was married to her double first cousin, the future Holy Roman Emperor Francis II, at the age of 18, and the couple had 12 children together. When her husband ascended the throne she became the last Holy Roman Empress. She became the first Empress of Austria upon the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, and the creation of the new “Austrian Empire”.

Maria Theresa died in 1807. She fell ill shortly after giving birth to her youngest child, a daughter named Archduchess Amalia Theresa that only lived for a day. She was buried in her husband’s vault in the Imperial Crypt in Vienna, in tomb 60.

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